Cut & Polish and Paint Correction.

Paint Correction Specialists.

Paint Correction is the removal of paint imperfections caused by fine scratches, swirls, holograms, and oxidation that make your car paint cloudy or hazy.
Oxidation occurs when your vehicle has not been regularly waxed or protected by a protective sealant or wax.
Oxidation is a chemical process and scratches are a physical manifestation of harsh external factors, that no amount of cleaning or polishing will bring back the original shine.

Unlike claybar, paint correction uses a meticulous abrasive technique to remove a minuscule layer of clear coat  about 1/100th of the thickness of a sheetof paper which is then skillfully buffed to a high gloss so the paint can once again shine through.

Not your standard cut n polish we use the most technologically advanced car care products on the planet to create the 'Magpie Effect'.
Every product is hand made in very limited production runs. Our products are passionately made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

We will need to assess your vehicle to quote accurately.



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