What is A Clay Bar Treatment?

Airborne Contaminants Wage War on Your Vehicles Paint It is like a horror story for your vehicle! Airborne contaminants bombard the exterior of your vehicle and bond like glue to the paint. Did you know that one drop of rainwater contains dust, bacteria, mould, pollen, dirt, plant and insect parts, algae, and smoke particles.

If you park your vehicle near foliage, add toxic chemicals to the mix. Stir in a little bird poop, which is comprised of ammonia and urine in the form of white, pasty uric acid crystals, and expose it to rain, dew, and humidity. Bake it onto the surface with a little Hawkes Bay sunshine, and that caustic ammonium hydroxide softens the shiny clear coat, leaving your paint underneath vulnerable. Have you ever tried to wash off bird poop? It is 100 percent insoluble in water!

Clay Bar Raises the Clean Car Bar

The safest and most effective means for cleaning contaminants from your paint is by first loosening those contaminant's gripping, even penetrating, grasp on your clear coat, using a special detailers clay.  The result is a slick, smooth surface that lasts for a while, and makes washing your car faster and easier.

The Groom Shop recommends our clay bar service every six months to keep your paint in excellent condition.

Clay Bar requires a full exterior hand wash, a full decontamination Clay Bar treatment to remove contaminants and impurities embedded in the paint, and a full buff and polish with the application of a protective coating or wax to seal it against future attack


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